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Who says you don't get something for nothing? Certainly not the good people over at The Linux Foundation (TLF) who're offering free Linux training. TLF is doing its part for the worldwide Linux community by offering this free training plus the Linux Jobs Board and all of its other services. I paused to write this post before going there to sign-up for the whole list myself.

Linux Training from the Linux Experts
Linux Training from The Linux Foundation features instructors and content straight from the leaders of the Linux developer community. Attendees receive Linux training that is vendor-neutral, technically advanced and created with the actual leaders of the Linux development community themselves. The courses give attendees the broad, foundational knowledge and networking needed to thrive in their careers today. With in person or virtual training, Linux training from the Linux Foundation can keep you or your colleagues ahead of the curve on Linux essentials.

Here is a preliminary list of Linux Webinar courses offered:

“An Introduction to Git,” by kernel maintainer and TAB chair James Bottomley;

· “Linux System Troubleshooting and Tuning” and “Linux Administration 101,” by Linux author and community manager Joe “Zonker” Brockmeier;

· “How to Work with the Linux community,” by editor and kernel developer Jon Corbet;

· “A Linux Filesystem Overview” and “Linux Virtualized Storage,” by TAB member and kernel developer Christoph Hellwig;

· “Btrfs: An Intro and Update” to the new file system for Linux, by project lead and TAB member Chris Mason; and

· “Linux Performance Tuning,” by North America’s first kernel developer Ted Ts’o.

Why is TLF giving away thousands of dollars worth of training? Growing the Linux community and interest in Linux is part of their charter. There are no strings and no fees attached to the training. If you're interested in learning more about Linux or parts of it, who better to teach you than the people doing the actual programming? Some disinterested third-party, perhaps?

You like Linux because you get the source so get your Linux training from the source and the people who supply it.

Please write back and let me know how you like the courses.

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First of all i should thank u all people for giving a free training, jobs and other services, this will be many people around the world and this will take linux into a next level. I am interested in your offers, But i am in india i can learn using online internet if you people can do some online trainig it will help me and all the other people around the world.
I have got some knowledge in linux also

Thanks & Regards

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I would like free training newsletters for Linux,
My E-mail ID being

Thank You, and waiting for a newsletter in anticipation,

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Who says you don't get something for nothing?

That would be the good people over at The Linux Foundation, who, are apparently offering a bait and switch, unless you've been mis-informed of course, in which case they're offering a couple of free loss leaders, like the, "How to Contribute to the Linux Community" with Jon Corbet, which isn't really having to do with Linux Training.

I paused to write this post before going there to sign-up for the whole list myself.

And once you got there you saw that only the webinar listed above was for free. I have no doubt there will be more so-called, 'Free' webinars, but... Well I'll just comment on those "FREE" courses you mentioned above, as it's apparent you didn't look very closely at all.

“Linux Performance Tuning, for example, ” is $1200.00 -ouch! And the other courses listed on the sidbar don't day they're free either - just that they're upcoming webinars.

If you look a litte bit more closely you'll see that the course on GIT is also $1200.00, as well as the others in their list. Perhaps, with a slight change in the course title, they'll offer a calorie free introduction to what you're going to get in the real, "Developing with GIT" course (Since you said the free course was called, "An introduction to GIT"), but the introduction to GIT at the very top of the Syllabus for the real course that costs, again, $1200.00 for two days.

I suspect that if there is a free, "Introduction to GIT", that it will simply be the introductory module for the real class, along with some selling points as to why you should shell out (no pun intended) 1200 bucks to get the actually useful parts of such a course.

I have no doubt that they will continue to release free webinars with limited useful content, in order to sell their fee based courseware, but I would hardly call what they have shown so far to be of much value in the marktplace - In your job interview you can tell your potential employer that, "I took a class in how to give back to the community...", or, "I took a webinar that told me what GIT is...".

Not really useful stuff for a developer or production administrator position.

So much for getting something for nothing.

On the other hand, I have seen (and taken) some good free training classes. i.e., there's free Solaris training that will go a long way toward competencies, although to complete the preparations for certifications you might need to enroll in a couple of their more advanced fee based courses.

And for Java, you can enroll in some of the courses over at: Programmng Java, JavaFX, and more, "With Passion", Which is the resource that Sun Microsystems sends people to for obtaining Java proficiency certificates.

There's all kinds of affordable courses too, and one of the things that people overlook are the opportunities for this via the community colleges. There's a whole bunch of courses available for $95.00 each at:

Perl, Ruby, C, C#, VB, MySQL, certification prep courses, and others are available at the URL above.

Just a little looking around will reveal a wealth of information related to courseware and instructional material - All of it free, at places like,,,,,,,
, and there's a wealth of information to a plethora of free Linux courses (some webinars and some text based) - some even actual certification programs, here:

Again, I reiterate that the content you are recommending above is nothing but a loss leader to get someone into the store so they can pay for expensive courses that don't even lead to certifications (if certifications are important to you).

For real substantive material on Linux internals, there are links above to several very good sources and courses.

All you really have to do is look around a little, and you'll find that there's no shortage of actual FREE learning related material.

Please write back and let me know how you like the courses.

Well I think I just did ;) You have a great day, and I encourage you to seek real, substantive material in your educational quest. So many of these sources are just come ons for selling other courses, and I'm afraid that's all that you're really uncovered here :)

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l would like to signup for the training.
my email id is

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