The Linux Foundation: A Newfound Linux Nation

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I am proud to say that the Linux Community now has a place to land--a single place--and a great one at that: The Linux Foundation. You don't often read encouraging words from me about consolidations, mergers, buyouts and strategic partnerships but when they make sense for everyone, you do. As everyone knows by now, The Linux Foundation has scooped up and is taking over support for the site from

This is exactly what we, the Linux Community, needs--a single place to go for Linux-related training, Linux News, Linux Jobs, and Linux Technical Information. is the one-stop shop for Windows and related software, fulfills its customers needs at one location and I'm hopeful that does the same for the Linux folk.

I'm trying to resist saying "One Nation under Linus."

Now, if I'm putting too much pressure on the Linux Foundation people to make this happen, they can enlist my help to propel this project to become our collective gathering place. The Linux Foundation should be the first, and possibly the only, stop in one's quest to learn more about Linux and open source software.

I fully support The Linux Foundation in their efforts to promote, standardize, protect, collaborate and support the advancement of Linux. Yes, I'm a member.

Use the Comments area below to give me your feedback about where you think The Linux Community and The Linux Foundation should focus its efforts. I'd love to hear what you think.

Rashakil Fol 978 Super Senior Demiposter Team Colleague

I don't see any reason to desire standardization of Linux. I standardize on Debian.

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