I am currently trying to research any companies offering network monitoring services. I am wanting to have online service for monitoring servers, all common network nodes, and such with email/sms sending when there is a problem or failure with anything on the network (with capabilites of both external and internal monitoring). If you have any advantages or disadvantages that you know about such companies please let me know.

Thanks a lot for your help!


why do you need an external company for that? on linux servers install nagios and set it up to send alert emails if necessary.
also you can use something like ipipi.com - that service receives email and send out SMS according to built in rules

I was told to find some companies that offer such service, I know that there programs like nagios, Big Brother, opennms and so on that do the same thing for free, but my boss wanted to know what comanies offer this kind of service.

where are the servers located? if they are in the datacentre, you probably can get the datacentre staff to provide such service

The servers are located in Germany along with our company. We have our servers hosted by 1und1.de, but I dont think that they supply Monitoring software. Most of the server are hosted on the external network. I have a linux Server that I have on my internal network along with the work PC's and such. I have found a company that offers such service just a second ago called ManageEngine, but its for windows. I need something that can run off of Unix systems.

well, in that case you would probably have to look in Germany

good luck with that :)

Yep, I have already started on that one. ;-) Thanks for the help.