Hi everyone,

I am taking a web programming class and for one of the assignments, we have to install and configure an Apache web server on a certain port. I have downloaded apache, customized the httpd.conf file, and now I am ready to start the server. Per our class handouts, we should type

apachectl start

to start the server. When I type this in, I get

nick@blizzard:~/obagoshi/conf$ apachectl start
-bash: apachectl: command not found

Does anyone have any ideas as to why I can't use this? I had originally installed the web server, configured it a little, and then tried to start it and it did work, but I needed to recompile it with some extra modules, so I deleted the file I installed it to and then tried reinstalling it and since then, the apachectl command has not worked. Thanks for any help in advance.



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I actually just found the problem. I am an idiot! I forgot that I had to call it like this:

ServerRoot/bin/apachectl start

I was in the wrong directory.

Thanks for the help!


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