Anyone have any links or info for me to start up a dedicated gaming server?

Download appche
If a home server, use this to link your ip address.

Make sure your router is letting your appache through, default port 80
- also make sure your confige file for appache contains the port you wish to use.

As far as gaming... your connect will probley be slow if hosted at your home... i have an 8 meg connection and my webpage runs slow sometimes.

these are some common pitfalls, good luck

I went to the apache site and the options are endless for what to download.

I am trying to get a gaming server site going and I am trying to get my home desktop going to get an idea for the future.

What apache in specific should i download? And when I run this, is it a walk you through sort of thing?

Thank you very much for your help and all help here in

Very much appreciated

I am looking at servers and can only find spam for them. Whenever I try to buy one it tells me I need a whole handful of other things to go with it. I have an 8 gig connection from my local isp provider. is that fast enough or should I try to find something faster. I also want to start a gaming site as well as a info platform. Thanks for any help..KC

Is that 8 gig symmetric, or 8 gig download / something craptastic upload? If your ISP is selling you a service intended for Joe Sixpack, its upload speed (which is what determines how fast people out on the internet can access you, rather than you accessing them) is likely to be crippled.