Hello i recently tried to install apache on my old computer ...
the error message he gives is

Can anyone help ùme with this one PLZ :cry:
Edit: Pc info: WindowsMe, no internet connection, Celeron 700Mhz 256Mb Ram ...

That were the error messages
I searched in google before i i saw many people have that error but i didn't find any answer

i hope to find it here

Thx. Kev! :cheesy:

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This means that you need to add the hostname of that machine to the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file, because it is not able to resolve your computer name.

Hi !
I have exactly the same problem as mentioned by Spox.However i have Win98->which is the difference.Hence maybe i dont have the file which you are mentioning,so cant correct the error.

Can you please temme what should i do with the same error but with the O.S Windows98 ?


I've used this guide when Installing apache and helped me when I encountered errors

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