I tried Morphix live CD and I liked it.
I'm just a home user.
What Linux distro should I use for this PC:

Monitor: LG Studiowroks 700E (I bought a SuSe Live Eval CD 8.1 that had all the monitor drivers except mine)
Processor : Celeron 2.4 ghz
I've attached my dxdiag file.
I'm using ADSL internet with a ethernet modem (ZTE ZXDSL 831)
I need to hotsync my palm pc(Zire 72s)
My Infra red ports(usb) and my 802.11g wifi usb should work
My printer Canon S200Spx(I bought a SuSe Live Eval CD 8.1 that had all the printer drivers except mine)
I should be able to browse the net, use Microsoft office like programs(like OpenOffice, how good is it?) and also be able to save it in ppt, doc, xls format.
I need to have a home network where I can connect my windows xp laptop.
I need to transfer images from my digital camera(my camera can be used as a mass storage device so no need extra software)
I should be able to read different cards(SD, Compact flash)
And my AOpen TV Tuner card should work.

most linux distros are really just a pick of what you want out of linux...some are more barebone and require a lil more knowledge of coding...others are rather simple to pick up and are similiar to the way windows is layed out (linspire, suse...etc) i personally use fedora core 3 it is a good mix, but the choice is really up to you and there are tons of them.

what are you goals, or wanting to accomplish with linux.... programming, networking, gaming??
these considations will help you decide what distro to get.
Also, a nice distro like Red Had gives you options to install as workstation or server, and others like SuSe or Linspire are more Desktop oriented for beginners. Then there's Gentoo, Slackware and other more advanced distros with all the bells and whistles.