Hello guys, I have Laptop with Ubuntu/Vista Multiboot
I would like to connect to my office place Domain. Mind you that this is my personal Laptop and I cannot tell the Office Admin to configure it for me. I have to do it my self which is good practice. So how do I do it??

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You cannot unless you have vista Business or Ultimate. Which do you have?

And you cant connect it without knowing the domain administrators password, so he needs to do it. Connecting ti your corporate network without his permission would probably get you in trouble anyway.

Is it network intrusion? I'm a worker and I thought that connecting to LAN through cable will make it easier! I have only Vista Home Premium and Ubuntu 8.04.

If it is that much dangerous, I won't try it!

You cant join a domain at all with home.

And yeah, plugging into your corporate LAN without the permission of the admin is probably illegal/get you fired. Check your IT terms of service.

Firstly I am exteremely thankful for that because i trying that, i got here more information if any idea please reply.

You can't do this
You have to connect first to you LAN
i mean to office network......
after that you can do what ever you want

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