I have searched a lot in google about proper video and audio chat in linux. Skype is available for linux, but for some reason when I installed it in ubuntu 8.10, the audio was very low. I tried changing the configurations of pulse audio but it still didnt.

Is there any other options available?

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did you change your alsamixer setting to increase the volume? I think the command is "alsamixer -V all".

Okay here are my configurations

Sound In: HDA Intel (hw:Intel,0)
Sound Out: HDA Intel (hw:Intel,0)
Ringing: HDA Intel (hw:Intel,0)

At this point the video works perfectly, I tried making a test call and the mic input is very low but I can hear the other side clear and loud.

I used the command in the previous post "alsamixer -V all" and it shows that my master and capture volume are maximum 100. Any other suggestions to solve my problem?

I'll have a look tomorrow (if I remember), but there should be a separate volume for your mic, which you will need to increase accordingly. I am refering to alsamixer here.

Ok it works, however there is one problem that I noticed...in the HDA Intel ( Alsa Mixer ) GUI way the mic1, capture1, capture 2 other recording input are always disabled automatically.

I enable them and use skype and everything works. However after I quit skype and start it again all the recording inputs are disabled again. Any idea why?

I think I remember seeing something like this for me too. However, I don't think this actually stopped my microphone from working. Do you need to enable the settings each time for skype to function correctly? I remember just ignoring it and it working fine.

Anyway, if it is causing issues with it being disabled, I don't know a solution to that. You could look into writing a shell script or something :S ...

Skype is much more better when you use firefox as a browser.

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