I just installed Linux Mint 7 Gloria yesterday:) .

I just want to know, how to access the desktop cube because there are no desktop button in the taskbar(the bottom panel):( . I have enabled the 3d Desktop effect in compiz but I don't know to change to the next desktop:( .

Please help!!!


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hopefully this helps, but I am working off ubuntu experience here...

anyway, you have enabled the effect, good. you will need to make sure you have 4 workspaces (if you want a cube, other numbers will give you other shapes). to switch between the workspaces you should be able to use a widget (you can probably activate it through you top/bottom bar), alternatively the ubuntu shortcut is ctrl+alt+left/right_arrow depending on which way you want to change workspaces. you should also be able to click & hold middle-mouse to move the cube around.

hopefully this helps.


I got to know how to move through workspaces by using my keyboard(ctrl+alt+left/right/down). But, i want to how to make Mint show the 4 workspaces in bottom bar like in ubuntu.

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