hi....I use both windows server,03 and redhat-9(dual). on the bootloader windows is default loader. first i installed windows then on the remaining space installed redhat.

For some problem on windows i have to reinstall windows. as a result linux has been lost from bootloader(Grub). Now I want to get my linux back without reinstalling that. I have no boot diskette floppy or CD. So dear friends how can i rescue my linux and make that previous loading from grub loader?????????????........

Pop the RedHat disk back into the drive and there should be a "rescue" mode somewhere in the setup. This will bring you to a command prompt (looks like DOS). You'll want to do the following:

Type "grub" to enter a utility where you can repair/install grub then...

a) type "find /boot/grub/stage1" (no quotes), this will output where your root is. You'll need this info for step b.

b) "root (hd0,1)" (obviously update with the results of step a.

c) setup (hd0)

d) quit

e) reboot

If you want to read in more detail you can check out:
How to Restore Grub
Repairing Grub

Yeah i think you type "linux rescue" at the boot: prompt on the cd.

That will give you a console where you can chroot into your system and rerun grubinstall.