I want remote desktop to my Debian server, my friend reccommended SSH using putty.... I have not got a clue on what it does and how you set it up.

What do I do and what is

More Secure
Keeping it simple

No. Remote desktop meaning you want a graphical environment? Use krdc or something. PuTTy is SSH, which is text-based.

How do I install it and what do I have to do?

I don't have first hand experience with it. But, from a terminal:

sudo apt-get install krdc

Will grab and install it for you. It should be self-explanatory.

If I install it how do I run it and in a windows environment how can I access it?

for remote desktop you are better off using VNC

ssh access is for CLI only, which is quite enough for a linux server

Jbennet reccommended me that, can u tell me how to install vnc?

can you use it on login screen or do you have to be logged in?

I have no idea, again, I have no personal experience with it. Try Googling krdc .

bondi, come on man, just read the google results

Yeah, I meant VNC, not krdc. I forgot we had begun talking about VNC. Haha. Yeah, Google is your best friend here.

Yep had a look and install vnc but for some reason I cannot connect :/ from a other machine.

do you have a firewall service running?

Do you have VNC installed on both machines, as well?

tight vn viewr on client and vnc server on host :) but no look!

Why not use SSH / X tunneling (export your display)

thats the nearest linux equivilent to RDP

I dont have a clue what that is could you tell me and tell me how to install it and I cannot google it if I dont know what the ... it is.. lol

google for X tunelling

To use VNC is better for remote desktop
which is enough for linux server.