I am wondering if someone could tell me what tools I will need to compile and build and executable of Dev-C++ for Fedora Core 3 to install it and run it. I have never worked with Delphi source code and I would appreciate any help with the process and what tools.

I need this for developing small C++ applications. I tried out Anjuta, Eclipse and took a glance at both Qt Designer and Kdevelop and wasn't that impressed. If there are other IDE's out there please respond!!!

PS I have used Dev-C++ and am familiar with it so I would appreciate any help thanks

You can't build Dev-cpp for Linux. It's written all in Delphi, and looks too difficult to port it. But you can download the free version of Chinook Developer studio from: http://www.degarrah.com/chinookfree.php
Also, recently has been released a new version of MingW Developer Studio, available for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD: http://www.parinyasoft.com/

Chinook seems to work okay until I started messing with some simple strings and functions any suggestions? I know the code is correct cause it ran in other IDE's. Maybe different syntax?