i have fedora and i cannot boot it from a cd on my computer it always says that there is no system response. Right now i am running it on a virtual pc but only have a few days left on the trial. Also the virtual pc is not as good as the real thing.
I was wondering if there is away of installing linux without rebooting or could i take the info on my virtual pc and put it onto a partition and change the boot.ini


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You'll probably want to reinstall Linux.

If anything, back up the files you want to keep from the Linux installation. Reinstall Linux, and then restore the files you want to keep.

The issue lies in the fact that your device configurations may be different. The system may not be able boot correctly if you just copy all of the old system over.


Without rebooting? Not really.

If you're going to edit your partition table, you need to reboot anyways. What's your aversion to rebooting?



Linux is an Operating System, and in order to configure it, you need to boot into it. If you are running it in a VM, such as Virtual PC, you will need to either re-install it natively to the hard drive, or you need to prepare for a lot of broken drivers and stuff as you boot it for the first time.

It is an ugly thing to port that out... I think hands down the consensus here will be to re-do your hard drive, and configure it for the operating system. You should also check the Fedora website in the event a new version has hit the streets. By re-installing a few times, your knowledge of Linux will grow. Do not be afraid.


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