hi folks!

i installed centos server..

now i am trying to host web from my centos..

i need step to step guidance for hosting...

i don,t know how do get domain name and dns settings ...

please help me...

dear musthafa.aj

I have some scrips that can help you.
You can use this scrips to setup ang config services to your network system.
(note : you must read and config: address,domain name.)

googd luck.

For a basic static website -
First Register a domain - godaddy, Network Solutions or whoever you like.
Second Get a static IP from your ISP or register with a ddns provider.
Register your IP address as the DNS server for your domain.
Get the .rpm for webmin and install it. www.webmin.com
Use webmin to configure your network (IP address) & DNS server. (CNAME is your friend when configuring bind)
Start apache - service httpd start
Browse to your site you should see a static 'hi there' page.
Place your content in /var/www/html
Double check that bind and apache/httpd are started

webmin can make the server end of configuring this easy. You still won't understand the ins and the outs but that is another topic for another day.