hi guys,

i am looking at purchasing this ssl for my cpanel dedicated box:


i have asked the salesman if 1 static ip address for the box will cover all sub domains on the one domain ssl and he has confirmed yes however my hosting provider support engineers said you will need to purchase a static ip address for every sub domain i secure with this ssl. has anyone dealt with this and is this the case that i need to purchase a static ip for every sub domain? comodo have said the 1 ip will cover it but want to be sure before purchasing?

and also how easy is it to install one of these into cpanel?

many thanks


Only EV Multi-Domain/or Multi-Domain SSL Certs conver all domains, on same IP.
A none Multi-Domain certs, will only conver one Domain and you need have a Dedicated IP. Others domains using this SSL will be shared and none a full Cert ("the Browser ask about if you pretend use the ssl certs").

Multi-Domain SSL Cert from Comodo are:



thanks for the info. this wont be 100 unique domains, just 1 domain but unlimited sub domains that is why i thought wildcard was the better option and they say it sdhould be ok with the 1 static ip for the whole domain including covering the sub domains.

do you know if this is the case?

many thanks


you need a dedicated IP for each DOMAIN. NOT for each sub domain. If your SSL supports sub domains then you use it on multiple sub domains with one dedicated IP only.

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