I have Ubuntu installed on my pc as a dual boot with Windows 7, but when I log into Ubuntu i get no internet connection, but there is a connection in Windows. Any ideas of how to fix it?

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Try setting a static IP address in the Ubuntu installation, with the gateway address and the DNS server address being that of your router or modem/router.

So if the IP address of your modem/router is you would set:

IP address: (or any unused IP address)
DNS Server:

Change the above numbers to suit your own IP addresses.

If that fixes it, then it is/was a problem with DHCP allocation from the modem/router to the Ubuntu system.

If it doesn't, then you have other issues within the Ubuntu system which is/are causing the lack of network connectivity.

Make sure that the network device you are using is properly installed.
you can try the ifconfig command to identify the network interfaces that are on your computer, and iwconfig to know which interfaces have wireless extensions.

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