Ok this is a real frustrating problem that i have been experiencing on my Acer 5750G Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (SP1) for quite some time.


  1. When i start a download or stream a video, it downloads about 0.1 MB of data and then stops downloading 4 another 5 mins before it downloads another 0.1 MB. in this case i am using a wireless network hosted through a router on my Desktop PC. Moreover, the net works perfectly enough on my Desktop PC
  2. When i use the ethernet cable directly (speed atmax 150KBps) , there is absolutely no improvement in the above situation. Also, any other device taking net from the router is quick enough.
  3. When i use an external USB wireless internet (speed atmax 80KBps) source(not connected to the phone cable), then the situation is worse than above. However, when the same USB is inserted into another PC, the results are perfectly smooth.
  4. In my college where we get internet speeds close to 1 MBps i seldom notice a problem except when im downloading Really large files. but that too happens rarely enough.
  5. Certain Applications Such as internet download manager(IDM) and Bittorent clients do not seem to be affected in this manner and give consistant speeds although IDM has failed (dropped to 0 and resumed) once or twice


  1. would imply either a problem with my PC, my internet connection or wifi router. but its not with the internet connection cuz my desktop works fine
  2. eliminates the possibility of the problem being with the router.
  3. clearly implies this is a PC specific problem with the degree getting worse in proportional to the speed of the connection. Also this removes the possibility of the problem being with the driver of any internal devic e.g. Ethernet port, wifi card, USB port (this works fine)
  4. is more or less a subcase of 3.
  5. i really have no idea about this

I would really be grateful for any help on this.

PS: All of the above Experiences are true on both google chrome and IE

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Here is the attached result file

I suspect that the internet browsers are having some sort of bandwidth allocation problem (since increased total bandwidth (i.e. increased speed) seems to minimise the problem) also bcuz, other software dont seem to suffer as much. how do i check for such a problem if it exists?

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