I use a eeepc and had ubuntu natty 10.** and all worked well but reverted to eeebuntu as not enough memory.
I had a Kingston 4GB ext 4 formatted sd memory stick but now eeebuntu says that it can only read ext 3.
So do I upgrade (and lose memory) or can I reformat SD stick in ext 3 to gain the extra space? If so how? as I can find no way in linux to do it and if I use partition manager in windows then the SD 'disk' memory 4GB does not show up as it is ext4 and cant therefore be formatted!
Any suggestions welcome.... I know I could buy or use another stick!!
Ta in advance,

further to that there is a nightmare if you want to record stuff for use in satellite systems or some TVs as the selection of formats runs from EXT2 to 3 to 4 to Fat 32 64 or ntfs. Standardisation might help!

solved by ubuntu 10 upgrade and then reformat in fat the mem stick for both linux and win 7

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