Hi guys, I've been getting sporadic bsods without any identifiable cause, and would like to know if anyone could help me identify the problem. It used to hang sometimes while playing games, which I attributed to the games themselves, but recently bsods have been happening while the computer's idle.

I'm on a custom-built pc, which had a virus attack quite a few months ago which I resolved by doing a fresh install.

I'm uploading the minidump logs with this thread - in the zip file "minidump"; the txt file "bsod" is a copy-paste of what i see in the minidump viewer program. (I've downloaded a minidump viewer and can view them but I can't seem to post them without messing this thread up)

Considering the fact that it's a different 'crash address' each time, could this be a virus attack again? I've scanned with avg, malwarebytes and avast and they haven't found anything except for some tracking cookies - serving-sys and atdmt (found by avg) which have been "healed" or "moved to virus vault".

I've run chkdsk, which hasn't turned up with any errors.

Would like some help asap.


Use the TDSSkiller from Kapersky to remove this MBR-virus rootkit.win32.TDSS.tdl4. Afterwards scan your PC with Malwarebytes. It will help.

I Suggest that you do a fresh install and install a good antivirus(I suggest kaspersky)

Hey Khav. I just did a scan with TDSSkiller and nothing was found. The only other option I know of now is to do a fresh install (like you said, and another friend suggested) and see if the problems still persist, thereby narrowing it down to a hardware or software problem. I'd like to know if there's a less tedious method though.

Better do a fresh install
Here are some tips
Just after fresh install install the following in the order below
1.Fresh Install
2.Install antivirus(Kaspersky or AvG are best)
3.Install all UPDATED drivers(check for your motherboard site for that) - This is most probable in your case
4.Retrieve all your backup files if any

That's wil be all

Hi, I did a fresh install yesterday, left it running overnight, and still had a BSOD occur.

It's a "critical object termination" and the "address in stack" is "ntoskrnl.exe + 450fff" if that makes any sense? The minidump files are attached.

Where should I go from here?

Sorry, here's the new minidump files.

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