I'm new to unix and i've just downloades ubuntu , so can anyone give me a link to find all the commands can be used in the terminal to do things

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This link provides a nice guide for folks who are more accustomed to the Windows CLI:

Also... When I first played with Ubuntu, I set this picture as my desktop background to help me out:
CLI Background

ok thanks for the links i just want to make sure i type the commans in the terminal right??

Correct. All typed commands will go into the Terminal.

thanks again

if you are still checking back on older posts then you might want to check out the O'Reilly books. O'Reilly has everything and when you find the text you like, wait a while until the books comes out on a sale price or two for one. Just great writers and no BS. Good Luck!

i strongly suggest you to download the unix command hand book only that can help you in critical situation if you are responsible for large network or any corporate

Thanks a lot I will consider your suggestions

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