I hav installed linux fedora, now in windows there was a "my computer". Where you could find your c drive. Where is that on linux fedora. i have fedora 16. ooh and what antivirus is good for linux fedora. i want a free antivirus.

thank you:-/

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There are no drive designations in Linux. Everything is under the root file system, which is / - user directories are under /home, user commands are in /usr/bin, etc. As a simple user, usually you will be working in your /home/userid directory.

As for free anti-virus for Linux, the most commonly used one is ClamAV. You can get that at www.clamav.net


We have another windows convert. Welcome to your new OS.

So there are some differences in the directory structure between the 2. As a primer, read the following:

Keep this handy reference taped to your wall until you are used to it.

I don't think I've ever used a Linux AV program. rubberman mentioned ClanAV which is good. But it is very difficult to get any infection in Linux if you aren't running as 'root' which you shouldn't be doing anyway.


Also, most systems have ClamAV in their repositories so you should only need to execute "yum install clamav" as root from a command-line.


Linux AV is useful if you are using your system as a mail, web, or file sharing host, in order to scan files and emails as they are uploaded and stored to the system. Clam is popular for that.

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