I'm new to Linux. Hv been trying Ubuntu, and now sticking to Mint.
I'm subscribing to P1 Wimax using usb modem called Wiggy

There's no driver for linux provided. Wonder if someone can help ....

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The information is right on their website. You need to use Windows to use this modem at the moment. There are no Linux drivers and there are no Mac drivers either. The problem, it appears, is that their hardware requires you to install a connection manager and right now the connection manager only supports Windows.

I suppose you could always try to install the connection manager via wine, but I have no idea if that would work for you.


Thanks Necrolin. But I thought we can work out something in Linux to make everything works as in Windows! Are there any given procedure to work towards this? As for me, this is the last thing keeping me intact with Window$, only when I can get it working in Linux then can I 100% switch to Linux ... pls anybody out there give some clue. I'm sure not alone in this!


The company that produces the hardware only makes a Windows driver. That means that you can do one of a few things:

a) Petition the company that makes the hardware to make a driver for Linux
b) Wait till someone else writes a driver
c) Write your own driver, which would be very nice of you :)
d) Use another service that doesn't rely on this particular piece of hardware


I use P1 wimax but its the modem type with wifi adapter not the Wiggy but I sure hope someone can solve it. Because you never know I may use a notebook in the future.

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