I wish to install Fedora 14 to my laptop as optional OS along with Win7. I've partitioned the hard drive as follows:

1. Recovery partition
2. C: NTFS (Windows 7 is running currently)
3. D: NTFS (My personal files mp3, pictures, videos .... here)
4. E: NTFS (Fedora 14 should be installed here)
5. System reserved

Now, How do I install Fedora and make dual boot without destroying structure above?

Thanks in advance

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If you have 4 primary partitions then you cant. Do you know which of these are primary and wich are logical partitions?

I have no idea!

Delete Partition E:, then during install use the unused space.

hello friend , if u r not a fedora/ubunt freak then just create a free another partition about 10 gb it is enough for installing fedora , NW burn CD/DVD/USB using image of fedora , and install it in Ur system , and remember just create at-least 1 GB partition for swap aria , at the installation time for better working

Yes, as uv4u has stated, you need to remove the partition on E. You should not be creating partitions for your Linux system from Windows. Linux requires a different filing system than NTFS. Linux uses other file systems such as EXT4. Only when you install a Linux OS would you commonly have this option. I highly recommend that you use Ubuntu as opposed to Fedora 14 if you have little Linux experience. I've installed both systems and have seen that Fedora 14 is the more challenging system to install. I had issues with WiFi drivers on Fedora 14 that Ubuntu 10.04 did not have.

be careful dear before installation , u may crash Ur windows boot loader watch some video on Ubuntu site for installing Ubuntu, and change Ur mood and use Ubuntu because Ubuntu is much better then fedora for a new user , as jbirdsall stated.

Ubuntu is fine but does not like some USB keyboards. I use Fedora precisely because I have a USB keyboard.

But doesn't fedore need an additional swap space particion? which along side the main linux partition has to be primary. And we don't know if he can make any more primary partitions

While you are installing delete the 4th partition and create new with as follows
1. / ext4 5 GB (if u want more u can extend more or reduce)
2. /home ext4 5 GB
3. /var ext4 3 GB
4. /boot ext4 128 MB
5. /tmp ext4 1 GB
6. /etc ext4 4 GB
7. SWAP 2GB (min) (Actually it should be double size of your RAM memory)

For better performance use the above structure.
then install your fedora 14.
Further if you want to modify your boot configuration, you can follow as below:

log in as root in terminal as
# (This symbol shows that u r as a root)
#vim /boot/grub/grub.config

Here you can change the priority and the time out value etc.
CAUTION: Do not change any this else. One spellingg mistake will corrupt ur system boot file and u will not be able to boot up ur OS.

Fedora will do all of the partitioning for you. If you just provide a chunk of free unpartitioned space it will create the appropriate mount points and swap space.

But its better for the concern to partition manually to avoid unwanted disk errors and partition format errors.

No it isn't. It's better to create some free space on a hard drive and let Fedora's installer do the partitioning. This will avoid unwanted disk errors and partition format errors.

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