Ok, so I have just set up a server using Ubuntu Server 12.04 but I have hit a bit of a brick wall when attempting to view webpages.
I chown'ed the /var/www folder so I could add my files to it and all is working fine from this front but it comes to when I try and display the webpage. My server doesn't seem to like accessing the folders for example in my main folder (/var/www) I have the index and then three other folders, StyleSheets, Resources, and Pages.

When accessing the website, the index.php page displays as if it doesn't have a stylesheet attached to it and when attempting to access one of the folders or pages using I get a 403 Forbidden which if I am not mistaken means that there isn't the appropriate permissions for Apache to view them.

How would I be able to allow Apache access to all the folders?
Thank you

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Make sure that your chown command has the -R flag for recursive, otherwise it's not going to be able to work.

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