Im getting a 403 forbidden error on my server.

Server: MySQL 5.1
phpMyAdmin -

On my root directory I have a subfolder '/classifieds'
During work using filezilla, I somehow moved the folder into another subfolder.
I deleted it from that subfolder and reuploaded to the root directory.

Now I am able to access my classifieds admin panel

but not the installation itself.

the following gives the above error:

root is /s101-2/home6/camosreptiles/classifieds

I dont know anything about servers, I just use filezilla to change files on the server.

can sombody please help me fiox this?
much appreciated.

In order for apache to access the files the directory and files must be readable by the apache user of group. Normally the owner is the domain login id and the group is apache. Your directory listing should look something like this:

ls -la /s101-2/home6/camosreptiles/

drwxr-xr-x camosreptiles apache 2048 18:44 classifieds