Hey can someone pls explain me what is program resize2fs and how does it work? i searched the internet and i couldnt find definition that i would understand, so i was hoping anybody here could tell me what it is.

Ty for your help

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resize2fs is useful if you expand the partition a file system resides upon, or of you bit-copy it to a new drive. Although it can be used to either expand or shrink an ext2-based file system (including ext3/ext4 ones), shrinking one is not recommended as you may well lose data. It is always recommended to backup your data before you use this sort of tool.


BACK UP! resize2fs - ext2/ext3/ext4 file system resizer <SNIPPED URL>

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resize2fs is an utility that is used for online extension of the filesystem.

Suppose you have extended your LV then doing resize2fs /mount_point will increase you FS size as per the size of the logical volume.

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