I was experimenting with firewall configuration. As I understand there are iptables - there is saved configuration. But as additional tool - ufw can be installed for simpler configuration. I installed it and experimented. Btw I checked

sudo iptables --list

and there was some lines like

Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target     prot opt source               destination
ufw-before-logging-output  all  --  anywhere             anywhere

but I did not touch them. Maybe ufw changes them. Not sure.

I played around with uwf - adding some rules, removing them. ANd then I disabled uwf. WHen I done this - the old configuration is still filtering which was in iptables, right?

I don't want to leave without firewall :D

is this the only output you get with "iptables --list"?

I have not played arround with ufw but, this seems that there are some leftover from it, even after disabling it.

which distro are you using?

is this the only output you get with "iptables --list"?

As I remember there were more lines, I just did not want to copy all of them in the forum. These were as example.

which distro are you using?


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