I'm building a new machine, but I've hit a road block. Perhaps someone with more experience could answer my questions. My road block is I want to build a computer that will last me for the next few years. That I can use for software development on multiple platforms, and utilize multiple threads. Since I want the computer to last me for a while I want to get something state of the art. That is efficient, and mostly can handle multi-tasking. So the debate. Should I go Intel core i7 2700k, or should I go with AMD's FX? I run slackware as my daily operating system. So that's probably what I'll put on that machine. I know it's a lot of power for a linux machine, but keep in mind I want it to last at least 4 years. No I'm not looking to overclock or game with it either. That's why I own a PS3.


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I would go with the AMD over the Intel cheaper and more bang for your buck. and for virtual installations look in to Oracle Virtual Box. Runs on Linux or Windows and will run Linux or windows as virtual OS.

rch1231 that's the way I was leaning, but I wanted to know how other Linux users felt. Good advice on the VM too, I'll look into that.

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