hi every one!
i recently put a post about building my own pc for average-high gaming and had some
good advice but come to think of it upgrading my pc could be cheaper.
im coming here due to the good advice and lack of information on my pc- Dell XPS 210
all i know is this-
dell XPS 210 Viiv core duo E6400 proccesor(1.23ghz 1066 Mhz FSB 2MB cache)
320GB 7200rpm SATA hard drive

and i alo know it cost around £900!
sorry for the lack of info on the pc
and the stupid drivercard keeps crashing(it sais it stop responding and this is stoping
me playing minecraft) thats why i want to upgrade the pc

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you mention driver card and that I assume is the video driver. The spec for the PC is not bad and perhaps a memory upgrade and a new driver card (if video) would do the job.

It would be cheaper to upgrade but if i were you i would just build a new one at a modest price. It will be better value for money in the long run.

how do i do a memory upgrade? thanks for your replies

I say forget the dell. It's in a slimline case so you can only fit low profile graphics cards in it which will limit what you can fit in there. Also the slimline PSU won't be very powerful and will cost an arm and a leg to upgrade. Slimline cases are also bad for heat so any graphics card that runs a bit hot will make the whole machine overheat badly.

i could move all the components into a bigger case?

I'd like to suggest, Change your memory and card may works good, if not then you can upgrade all with latest version.

i could move all the components into a bigger case?

yes you could ,only problem i see would be the back plate ,the dell has it built into its case ,this is not a serisous problem ,just leaves the back open a bit more ,and allows a bit most dust to get in to case ,i done it a few time when i never had correct back plate

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