Hello everyone. I will try to explain my question the best way i can, however my lack of knowledge on the subject-which is the reason for this thread- may make things confusing.
I am currently working on a project for a class, which requires me to "mess around" with linux scheduler. (At this point i should say that i had never used linux till 2 months ago). Now,i will post a link which i assume is very helpful on the subject,
Click Here, but still im having trouble. I installed linsched as described,currently have its directory on my home folder, but how can i import the linsched api in my project using codeblocks, and where can i see a documentation of this api?
To make my question as simple as i can, could someone provide me with some easy steps to build a simple linsched project/test or other info, so i can understand how to use it? Thank you for your time. I hope i described my problem well, and i hope i posted it in the right topic..! thanks!

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