Hi guys,
I was thinking to work on a new interactive project but I might need some advice before I start. So, essentially, I want an interactive map and I want to give users (they will have to have login details of course) the possibility to add as many markers as they want to it and a small description. I think this should be easy enough to achieve by using google maps mapmaker. I will create an account and give the login details away as needed. I still don't know whether I want to embed the map in a HTML page or not and content manage it with something like wordpress, I will decide that later.
In terms of the map, do you guys have any advice or suggestion, and can you think of possible issues? I assume that won't involve any specific experience, software skills as such? I am happy to use an already available product rather than develop a new one.

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Hi Violet,

some time ago I worked on a similar project.

You can see an example online here and if it is what you are looking for, you can download the package, including all the files and setup instructions, directly from the demo

hope this helps you

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