Hi I am trying to setup a multinode Hadoop cluster and I would like to know, how to install hadoop in all the slaves machine from the master machine itself.

Ideally, all the slave machines should have same configuration, is there a way to provide instructions to all the slaves simultaneously?

for example, if I say "sudo apt-get install git" from my master machine, it should install git on all the slave machines. appreciate your help on this

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Rubberman, if it can work on Cloudera, then there is some software in apache that should do the same work? do you know what it is called in cloudera?

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If you need a quick-and-dirty approach to controlling several machines in parallel (provided the number of machines is fairly small) you can use tmux. With a separate pane hosting an ssh session to a unique host you can enable synchronize-panes in tmux to have commands echoed to each host at the same time.

Search for tmux synchronize-panes for more details.

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