I have installed Redhat 9 on a second harddrive in my machine. I am unable to get it to recognize my Conexant modem. I found some drivers on the internet but I do not know how to install them. (be patient, I am new to linux and am trying to teach myself). Could anyone please tell me how to install a driver (downloaded using XP), and how to unzip it if it is zipped form?

Since you are new to linux, It will be painful to install that driver on redhat 9 using just a .zip file...So, you need to find something called an .rpm or rpm formatted driver. This stands for redhat package manager. Once you find this, you can use the command line for linux like this:> rpm -ivh driver.file.rpm

Thats it...rpms require very little knowledge about linux to use...you just use a few simple commands and it installs everything for your system.

and everything will install automatically. The best site for finding what you need is google. But use Google for linux http://www.google.com/linux and make sure you search for redhat conexant rpm and make sure you put your modems chipset in the search criteria as well...that should help you out.

I did a couple of searches and pulled this info up for conexant modem drivers for linux:

Unfortunately, drivers from linuxant are no longer free for full usage. At least with mine, the speed is now limited to 14.4kbps with the "free" version. Luckily I had an old driver that was released under different terms, back when it was still "free" so full 56k for me! But beware, as the linuxant drivers do cost. Nothing terribly expensive though. I would highly recommend them.