Hello everyone. I was trying to compile a Linux kernel module yesterday called vmmon (which you need to make VMware work on Linux) for the kernel. First I installed a GCC package made for my distro, Puppy Linux 2.00. The package turned out to be for a slightly different version of the distro (2.02), so it didn't have the correct header files in it. So, I picked up the appropriate source code from kernel.org and put it in


The VMware install script tries to build the module for you, but after I tell it where the kernel header files are it comes up with:

/lib/modules/linux- does contain kernel header files, but it does not contain version.h.  This may indicate you have not built the kernel.
Unable to build the module.

So I need to know; what is inside this version.h file and how do I create one. Any help would be appriciated.


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