I am using Redhat Linux 9 (old skool), and I have GNOME installed. Is there a way to uninstall GNOME and install KDE instead, and vice versa?

I want to just try KDE, but not keep it, until I install Fedora 5 on my new lappy I'm getting in umm... However long Christmas is away, because I heard KDE was slow.

Is there any different X Window Systems than GNOME and KDE?

There are a couple of ways you could do this. If you just install KDE (does RH 9 have yum?), you should be able to choose KDE in your session manager and run it without getting rid of Gnome.

For a pretty comprehensive list of X Windows managers goto http://xwinman.org/.

-- Andy

no, redhat 9 does not have yum... what do I do?

The easiest way to install/uninstall KDE or Gnome is to use Red Hat's built in GUI package manager. With that, you can easily choose which packages you want without needing to download Yum.

As for all the other window managers out there, I have to say that probably the 2 most popular ones are Enlightenment and FluxBox as far as I'm concerned. What's really awesome about these window managers is that they eliminate a lot of the bloat that results from using Gnome or KDE (especially KDE). What I'm using the most right now is Enlightenment, as it's really easy to setup, and it's clean and fast, and has a reasonable amount of themes to work with.

I am surprised to find "yum" for redhat 9! I installed it, and vwala! It "works." Now, can someone send me a link to a tutorial for using yum to install programs? Do I just have to type "yum blahblahblahversionxxx.rpm" to install RPM's?

You may want to add these to your yum.conf:
name=Fedora Project Stable RPMS for RHL 9

name=Fedora Project update RPMS for RHL 9

Then you can install packages with 'yum install xxx' similar to up2date.

ie. 'yum install kde-base' should install the kde-base package with dependencies.