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Ok I got it.

The easiest way to get compiz working is to follow this:

I had to make sure my graphics card was configured. System > preferences >desktop effects >enable effects (followed instructions from there as it automatically configured it)

Then I went to applications > avant window. (install the osx dock theme system > awn manager).Then you can just drag the programs onto the startup bar.

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By accident I deleted the panel at the bottom. Now every time when I minimize something it just disappears. How can I get this back :(

btw This theme is freaking awesome!


The minimize, close, and maximize butttons are on the wrong side btw.

Well I followed all the stuff, apart from the fonts and beryl set-up. I don't mind it being on the r-h-s anyway.

My old system has a new lease of life, I might even go out at get another 512DDR MB ram module so the responsiveness of the wobbly windows etc is better.


OK I decided to try and install the beryl and all the stuff I had missed before but the open and close bits are still on the wrong side (see attachment) what should I do? :'(

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