How to find the number of incoming requests to a apache server and also the maximum number of requests that it can serve? Is it possible to extract this info to use it in a program??

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The number of currently incomming requests can be found using netstat:
netstat -anp | grep :80

Just read the number where the destination address is your servers ip with the port 80.

To find the maximum number of requests apache can handle just look in the httpd.conf file for the MaxClients directive. There should be some other information regarding child processes and how many clients per process each can hold.

Thank you for the help, I got the incoming reuests. Is there a way to find the incoming request queue?

The number of currently incomming requests can be found using netstat:

Bullshit. What you see with netstat is the amount of connections a client has made - modern browsers tend to open up to ten connections at the same time for one single request.

@username456453 the suggestion of blud is correct, on a server platform you can check the incoming connections through netstat command, it's quite different from the desktop platform that you are using in your assertion, and even if opening a page (into a server/desktop environment) loads multiple requests, this will be detected by the netstat command.

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