Hi, can anyone help me about a problem that I have of using Sendmail and Squirrelmail.

Squirrelmail is using MTA of sendmail. Somehow I'm only able to send mail out but can't receive mail from the outside source. I did try to go into /etc/mail/sendmail.mc and comment out the following line:

DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp,Addr=, Name=MTA')dnl

That is, place a dnl in front so it looks like the following:

dnl DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp,Addr=, Name=MTA')dnl

Then I remake sendmail.cf file by moving into the /etc/mail directory and typing in make -C /etc/mail

Then I restart sendmail. (/etc/init.d/sendmail/restart)

Somehow, I'm still not able to receive any mail from outside source but can only receive local email.

Btw.. i'm using RH 9.0.

If anyone have any clue how to solve my sendmail problem.. please do help. Thank You.

first, check netstat -an to see if sendmail is listening on port 25 for or at least your public address (or private if you're behind a router/gateway)
second, check the error that you're getting when you don't get the mail
you might need to add a Cwhost line in sendmail.cf where host is the hostname you are receiving mail for (after that HUP sendmail)

open up a terminal and do this:
tail -f /var/log/maillog

now, try to send mail to the machine from an outside source. do you see anything appearing in your mail log? if so, then it should identify the error (relaying denied, etc).

if you don't see anything at all, that means that sendmail isn't the problem, but your MX record on your domain might be.

do a whois on your domain:
whois domain.com

check the primary and secondary nameserver in this listing.
then do:
dig @primarynameserver.com yourdomain.com MX

check and see if the IP address listed for your MX record matches the public IP address of your server.

oh, and be sure that you have your domain listed in /etc/mail/local-host-names or sendmail will refuse the mail.

ron mckown, thanks for the instruction.. but i post this a long time ago.. when I didn't get sendmail to work the way i wanted... I already running my webmail server with postfix MTA, :).. it's great so far. Thanks for helping me out though...

I Am Basu
Please help me.

In my mail server I can send mails to others(Out going is working) but I not able to get the mails from outside. Is this the problem with mx record???
OS: Red hat Linux