French company sues Sony BMG on piracy charges

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Oh the irony.

According to The Inquirer and others it would appear that Sony BMG, you know the same Sony BMG that has fought such a high profile and bitter legal war against individuals for copyright violation by using music file sharing sites, is itself in trouble on charges of using pirated software.

Apparently a small French software company called PointDev were a little perplexed to get a support call from a Sony BMG employee regarding one of its products, Ideal Migration. Mainly because, says the French newspaper which broke the story, it discovered that the software had been activated with a stolen authorisation key.

PointDev went so far as to get a search warrant and the Sony BMG office concerned was raided, and four servers with further unlicensed copies of PointDev software installed were seized as evidence.

Yes, court evidence. For it further appears that PointDev want this to go through the legal process as an example. Of course, the lawsuit does contain a rather large demand for financial compensation as well.

Did I say “oh the irony” already?

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excellent !

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