Does anybody know what this screen means?

Today I was using my G4 iBook to install OS 10.4.11 on a clamshell G3. The clamshell was in target mode connected to G4 through Firewire and I was using a Mac install DVD in the G4. After the G4 rebooted from the DVD and was ready to install that mystery screen came up and the trackpad on the G4 stopped working. I plugged in a USB mouse and it worked fine.

The screen looks like it's saying I need to put AA batteries in my mouse.
What is that screen?

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I'm the only one that ran into this?

I know what the screen means. I do believe that you are right and it is telling you to put double a bateries into your mouse. I have had some similar messages on my iMac. I believe that when the computer is unable to find I mouse it is default set to assume that you are using a bluetooth mouse. However obviously that is not the case.
Why though where you trying to install a dvd from the iBook? it has been a while since I have used my clamshell, but I am pretty sure it had a dvd drive

Thanks mesamb1.
It does look like it wants AA batteries, but this was using a G3 laptop that doesn't require a mouse. I've never seen a mouse that needs batteries.
My guess is that an early mac used AA's in the mouse and somehow I got into a page (seems odd) that was in there from long ago that never got deleted (from OS 7?)
My clamshell doesn't have a DVD but a few came with them.

I've been looking and I still have not figured out what that screen means.

I'll betcha Steve Jobs would know!

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