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I'm not quite sure what happened, but at some point fairly recently, Chrome DevTools stopped showing things in the Console. As a web developer, I obviously frequently use this to debug Javascript. Now, instead, there will be a little red circle with an error count in the top right corner of the DevTools window (as always), so it will recognize when there's an error, but the Console will be empty instead of spitting out what's wrong. Even if I do `console.log('foo');` from within a Javascript file, it won't write to the console. I'm using what's currently the latest version of …

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I am no Mac expert, just an old dude who has had experience with Mac computers since 1995. I read posts here to see if there are problems to which I might be able to offer possible solutions, but am often confounded by posters who offer nothing on the year of manufacture of their computer, or the operating system they are using and maybe even how much RAM they have. E.g, 2012 MB Pro with 4GB of ram running High Sierra. To me, this would seem to be the absolute minimum for a poster to provide, no? On a Mac …

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Chrome just prompted me to restart to update to the latest version, as it sometimes does. I did it, and the browser looks *entirely* different. Completely unexpected. It looks more like Firefox now, IIRC. Not really a problem with it, just surprised and thought I'd comment.

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