This could be embarrassing but at my age and experience in life I have little to be embarrassed about.
I got the above url in my address bars of both Opera and Camino. Not Safari or Firefox. Nothing I've tried after reading what little there is about it affecting Macs
shows any trojan or malware. Those being DNS Changer app and iAntivirus.
It seems to be just a browser hijacker. No matter what I type in the search or address bars or copy/paste or click link or open the affected browsers, I get redirected to a longer address starting with dnsadvantage.com and takes me to a page that has many S.E Asian language suggested sites.
So far I've been successful ridding my machine of it by trashing the browsers and downloading them again.
I'm not downloading any codecs or anything to view things. Just your typical browsing. That that some men and women do. And I'm fairly selective of where I do that browsing. I've only gotten this on my '09 Macbook not my 1.83GHz Mini that gets used much more than the Macbook
Any ideas and or thoughts on this? Other than to become puritan.

Thanks in advance.
OS X5.8
Macbook 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Solved it myself.

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