Reinstalled OS 9.2 & 10.2.8 onto a SCSI 40G drive in separate partitions. Giving the first partition 7.5G to OS 10.2. After installing OS 10.2 everything works fine until I restart to 9.2 drive partition or the other IDE 40G drive. Once I restart from either of my 9.2 drives to the 10.2 drive. My Beige G3 w/ G4 500mz processor returns to the 9.2 drive from which I started with NO MESSAGE or anything. I can restart and go to the other 9.2 drive and back again with no problem. I have spend 2 weeks trying to fix this problem. I need more experienced and wiser guidance. I would greatly appreciate
any help.
Gratefully Will i am

I discovered the solution to my own problem accidently and then I got this answer to an email from Neal at sonnet.
Sounds like you are not using Startup Disk X to switch into OS X from
OS 9. Our software creates that control panel so you should have that
in your OS 9 Control Panels folder. Is it there?

We have to create this control panel because of Apple's odd attitude
towards your machine. A beige G3 with a G3 in it is approved for OS X
up to 10.2.8 officially. Add a G4 to the mix and it's not an approved
machine anymore. Apple controls this through the Startup Disk control
panel. If it detects a G4, it won't allow the switch to OS X.

So we took that blocking code out of Startup Disk and renamed it
Startup Disk X. It's 99% identical to Startup Disk except for the
missing code.

All our software does is install an extension in your OS 9 folder
that enables the caches on our upgrade and it creates Startup Disk X.
That's all it does. It's not a firmware update like it is on the B&W
G3 machines and above. Your machine doesn't actually have any
firmware to update. Apple didn't add upgradeable firmware until the
"New World ROM" machines. Your machine is an "Old World ROM" machine.


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