:!: Announcing the relase of PearPCFront Beta 1!

It's currently a work-in-progress.. but when you run it, you'll get the overall jist of things. Just one thing to note for now, your PearPC binaries must be in the \installdir\PearPC folder. I've included Richard Goodwin's "05.31.04, 12AMEDT" standard build with this.

Release plan for PearPCFront:
Beta 1: Today
Beta 2: Hopefully by Friday/Latest Sunday - Will have mannny more Wizards
Beta 3: 2 Weeks - Most (if not all) features and documentation will be done. This will be one of those "lets find all the bugs before we call it final" releases.
RTW v1: 2 Weeks + A few days ;-)

More Screenshots: Here

Website: http://www.tekmaven.nu/PearPC

Download: Here

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I like the idea, but am proud and glad to have the orig hardware to have it work as intended. But thank you for the article; a very interesting read.



PearPC is no longer beta, and although it is slow, it is progressing fast and works well with MacOS X, very nice free PPC emulator


I don't know where you get your information from, but it's surely not a final version.

In fact, I'd consider it an Alpha; not even a beta.

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