I have just found this site. I am having a problem with IE 5.1. Sometimes, not always, the text comes up in symbols rather than English. If I go to Netscape, the problem disappears. I thought I had it fixed but it just started up again - on an offline file that uses IE for the help (for Illustrator).

Mac, System 9.2.2

It showed up on my own website first - but then it is intermittently happening. I have 2 copies from different installs (last install months and months ago and I use this everyday). It happens on both.

I can't identify any preferences in the system folder that could be corrupted. In the IE folder I found a language/font preference(I guess). I took that out and that was what seemd to fix it.

But then it just happened again with this offline file so I guess I better deal with it - and the sort of preference was not recreated.

Anyone got any ideas?
Thanks in advance,

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I would migrate from IE to another browser -- on both Windoze and Mac. IE on Mac is depreciated, meaning they do not work on it anymore to upgrade the software package.

Alternatives are Firefox, Safari, Opera...

Is there any special reason you have to use IE?


Hi Christian

There is no good reason - except it is installed. So maybe I will switch to Foxfire - I have heard good things about that.

Also, I like to know why things are doing what they are doing - I like things to be "fixed" - but it seems maybe I will just have to take a pass on this one.

Thank you for answering me

Hi - I went to foxfire and will probably download - but I didn't know it was for only X not 9.

I usually use 9 - mostly because I am used to it and a lot of the programs I use don't work in X and I am not crazy about the 9 in X.

Any ideas then what I should use? I have slow dial-up so it is sort of painful getting and being online



Netscape 7 should still be out there, along with traditional Mozilla.

Running a browser in Classic is not the smooth solution, either.

If you are not able to find Netscape 6/7 or Mozilla, let me know. I have some archives, and might be able to make an arrangement. ICAB is also available... search for icab on the google website.


Thank you for continuing to help - unfortunately the problem is the worst on my own site - I have a feeling that it has to do with something needing purging (I have obviously looked at my site thousands of times as I upload and tweak stuff)

maybe I will look for Helvetica as it says and see if that helps.

Somehow I missed that last post, kcOarf. I will check that out. I sometimes us Netscape 7 but I don't like the feel.

thanks again! Diane

kcOarf, I can't find anything for Mozilla that isn't for X - maybe you can help me ... please ... not sure of the protocal here if OK to just ask here .... or what

thank you!


Well, I downloaded icab and it seems to work pretty well in a way I think I can use. I downloaded Opera but can't get it to work - keeps being in setup mode at its website but never does anything.

Thank you for all your help. I still wish I could just fix IE - but sometimes it is sure better to move on.

Thank you again! Diane

Hello Diane,

What is the website that you are having so much trouble with?

It has been a while since I have been in OS 9 for regular work... have migrated my things to OS X already. I do have to go to 9 in order to scan with my SCSI scanner though.

Let us know how well it is working,


Hi Christian

The website is mine

The symbols come up on other sites too - not as consistently or badly. On the other sites, the symbols often come up while it is loading and then eventually change to English.

On the other computer, there is no problem in my site with IE - so it has got to be (I think) something somewhere with this program here - preferences or something.

Yellow - I do have version 5.1.7

Thank you again!


Maybe it's a corrupted font that IE is using on the screwy box? Tried reinstalling the fonts/copying them from the Mac that works fine?

I hate to be dense here .... but which fonts? In my system folder, I have only a few fonts because I use Font Reserve and let fonts get activated that way. ....

well, well, well .... I just stopped and went to the IE preferences and changed all the default fonts to different ones that aren't usual - just to change them.

At this very second, my pages come out right without symbols and still use the fonts that I set in the Adobe Go Live program - it didn't change them - I had set them all the way I wanted.

Maybe that is it. I will fool around and see if I can make it happen again now to see if I can figure out the problem. Thank you very much!

I am still used to the "feel" of IE so would like to be able to use it - but it is interesting - the ICAB seems much more robust - when I open window afte window in it to do research, so far it hasn't crashed everything - whereas IE seems to lock up with not too many windows.


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