I'm getting geared up with a server at home to go live on the net as soon as my connection gets hooked up. I've always been oblivious to hardware and networking.

My setup right now... I have a cabinet with 2 servers in it, and 3 PC's. One of the servers has port 80, and a few other ports for a game server forwarded to it by my 5 port netgear router. The router assigns ip's to each machine based off their mac address.

I just picked up a Intel Express 530t Network Switch in a trade for some old server chasis... I should be picking it up this afternoon but I don't know didly about them. I read up a little on it, but i'm just not getting the big picture.

Would there be ANY benefit to me hooking the switch up now... I should mention I need the WiFi on the router still.

I'm ordering a new server in the next few months when the money is available, at that point I will exceed the number of ports on the router, can I hook the switch AND the router up so I still have wifi. Would there be pros/cons to doing so.

I guess the point of all this is, I have a router, a switch.... and I don't know WTF to do with them :)

I'm receptive to any suggestion... even if its to scrap em both and buy something new.

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should mention... though its probably obvious. The network performance of the game server is the most important thing.


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