I'm getting geared up with a server at home to go live on the net as soon as my connection gets hooked up. I've always been oblivious to hardware and networking.

My setup right now... I have a cabinet with 2 servers in it, and 3 PC's. One of the servers has port 80, and a few other ports for a game server forwarded to it by my 5 port netgear router. The router assigns ip's to each machine based off their mac address.

I just picked up a Intel Express 530t Network Switch in a trade for some old server chasis... I should be picking it up this afternoon but I don't know didly about them. I read up a little on it, but i'm just not getting the big picture.

Would there be ANY benefit to me hooking the switch up now... I should mention I need the WiFi on the router still.

I'm ordering a new server in the next few months when the money is available, at that point I will exceed the number of ports on the router, can I hook the switch AND the router up so I still have wifi. Would there be pros/cons to doing so.

I guess the point of all this is, I have a router, a switch.... and I don't know WTF to do with them :)

I'm receptive to any suggestion... even if its to scrap em both and buy something new.

should mention... though its probably obvious. The network performance of the game server is the most important thing.

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