Hi all, I hope someone can help me.

I have a Symantec Gateway Security appliance as the external gateway/firewall on my network. The external wan port is configured to the static ip from my isp, and the internal lan address is Through a crossover cable, this device is connected to a Cisco switch, addressed as

I recently added another similar gateway device, and configured the wan port on the new device as and connected it to a port on the Cisco switch. I set the internal lan of this unit to

I added a routing table entry on the new gateway to forward packets to the first gateway, through the wan port (destination ip:, gateway:, interface:WAN), and I can communicate with that subnet from the new network.

However I've tried adding a number of different routing table entries on the original router, to allow communication from the original subnet to the new one, to no avail. For example, I've tried the following:

None of which allowed me to ping the new gateway from a computer on the original network.

Does anyone have any thoughts? If you need more info, or if I haven't explained something properly, please let me know.



I just noticed I notated the subnet mask incorrectly in my question. For all IP's noted, the mask should be /27 (

Sorry for the confusion.