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Hello, I am confused about whether a multi-domain SSL certificate can secure primary domains and subdomains. Can anyone clarify this for me?

Networking security ssl
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## Exploring the Intricacies of Network Topologies ## **Introduction:** In the digital tapestry that connects our world, network topologies form the intricate patterns through which data pirouettes from one device to another. Beyond the cables and routers lies a fascinating world of interconnected nodes, each performing its own ballet in …

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Hello. I am looking for a fast and reliable protocol for streaming big amount of small text data in real time (text strings might be between **20** and maybe **500** bytes long). I do not care about order and when they arrive, i care just to get them to my …

Networking router server wan
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I've been using an OpenVPN service for 2 years now, but it seems it has become too popular and now its very slow and sometimes I get computer UDP attacks from different countries and some sort of attacks that my firewall classified as SQL injection attacks or something like that. …

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Hello all I've been using it for years SQL SERVER 2014 Standard and language VB6 programming, but only this time get the following error: Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)': [DBNETLIB][ConnectionWrite (WrapperWrite().]General network error Has any of you guys ever experienced this?? what is this caused by?? thanks for the enlightenment Regards,

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I'm using Wireshark Packet analyzer & when I filter for all Websocket packets I see what I am sending to a host & receiving from the host. When I check individual packets mine always show as [MASKED], but it does have a 'Umask Payload' which shows my data in clear …

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when I insert ip address by clicking Network connections---> and click on Ethernet properties and change properties of IPv4--> select "use the following ip" and put ip address but as I click "ok" ip address automatically removed and the option "obtain the ip automatically " selected. when I use ipconfig …

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