Hi All,

Myu office runs a websense in the network and i need to bypass it without leaving back my PC's footprints to track me back.

How do i do that ?


Well its not legal to discuss this topic here. If you have some networking knowledge then google the 'HTTP Tunneling' you might find out some info on it.

well i think u are correct but i have no intentions to breach my own network ...i am just trying to stop the all possible ways to do that...i hope you understand now :)

hmmm..."Possible ways to stop that", HTTP Tunneling is the only way which bypasses Firewall, Proxy or even Websense filter. To overcome this issue you need to have good knowledge in configuring Firewall (Not Windows Firewall). Search on the internet for more information.

Ya dude i do have knowledge of firewalls (checkpoint) , not the windows firewall ;) ....even though i grabbed some knowlegde about http tunneling but the good thing about the websense is that it doesnot block the out bound traffic but it blocks the in bound traffic ...i need to filter the out bound traffic too...i dont know if you have used TrendMicro IWSS but the kind of functionality which i am talking about is their in IWSS....but i am looking for the same functionality in Websense too..